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Skylanders: Transformed is CouyZ's idea for the 5th Skylanders game! It features 26 Mega Skylanders, 8 reposes without Mega Forms, 16 new core Skylanders and 8 LightCore Skylanders.


See here!


  1. Chapter 1: Arcane Meadows
  2. Chapter 2: Frozen Hightops
  3. Chapter 3: Tapwater Swamp
  4. Chapter ?: Serpentine's Palace

More levels coming soon.


Coming soon!


  • It is similar to JoltikLover's idea Skylanders: Evolved except the evolved Skylanders are called Mega Skylanders, it has 8 reposes without need of Mega Forms, it has LightCore Skylanders instead of Minis and the core Skylanders are completely different.
  • The bottom bases of the toys are purple.

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